Terms & Conditions


The user creates the domains by filling out the contact form and selecting a username and password. This will allow the user to register as SFstore's online store.

Only a natural person can register.

Registration is free of charge.

The company may, if desired, refuse registration.


Personal information and their use

Personal information provided by the user is collected and stored in the e-commerce customer register. Mandatory information is your first name, last name, street address, zip code, post office, username and password.

E-commerce does not disclose information to third parties.

The Ecommerce reserves the right to disclose information about the user to the public if the user has acted in violation of the law and good practice.

The online store has the right to refuse the order if needed.

The customer register information can be used in electronic direct marketing only if the user has given his / her consent.

The user has the right to check personal data about himself, change them, or delete data from the register entirely.


User Responsibilities and Obligations

You will be responsible for all use by username and password and for the use of the terms of this agreement. The user is responsible for the password secrecy.

You agree to use the online store only for law and goodwill purposes. You agree not to post or ignore material in the online store that is contrary to law and good practice, incites or promotes such activity.

A minor user can only purchase products from an online store with the consent of the custodian. The custodian's name, phone number and e-mail address must be included in the order. The information can be given in checkout under 'Change'.

The user is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of hardware, software and data communications required for the use of e-commerce, as well as other costs associated with the use of e-commerce.

The user is fully liable for any damage caused by the use of e-commerce against this agreement, law or good practice to the shopkeeper, other users, and third parties.